May 28

It took me a long time to figure out what this shirt was talking about.

Yes, that’s an iPhone. What’s with the sickle and burning flame? Upon closer inspection the graphic has a caption: “Phoenix”.

Maybe a play on words? Phoenix vs Phoneix? It’s definitely similar to old Russian revolution paintings with the hammer and sickle, except hoisting the iPhone instead of the hammer. Talk about symbolism.

The back was easier to figure out.

This says, in Russian: “B Cupertino вceгдa 9:42″.

Google Translate tells us this means, “In Cupertino, always 9:42″. Huh?

Well, the great iPhone FAQ Website actually has an article about this: What’s with the Time 9:42 and the Apple iPhone? They pose the question:

The safe assumption is that you haven’t already noticed that the time 9:42 is apparently significant, somehow, in the world of the Apple iPhone. At least, that’s what one would be led to believe. The most observant of iPhone fanatics took notice recently that the iPhone, in each of Apple’s iPhone commercials, displayed the time 9:42.

As with everything iPhone, speculation has ensued. Largely this has turned into a chicken and egg scenario, with some users proposing that the time found throughout the iPhone commercials is related to the timing of the original iPhone keynote address (the iPhone was originally announced at 9:42). The folks on the other side of the field suggest that the iPhone was announced at 9:42 deliberately, for the same reason that the commercials all display iPhones at 9:42, whatever that reason may be.

The answer comes later on that FAQ page, courtesy of a transcribed interview with an Apple staffer:

Scott : We devise the presentations [at launching] this way that the revealing of the product takes place approximately 40 minutes in the presentation. If the large photograph of the product is projected, we want that the time on the photograph corresponds virtually to the time on the watches of public. We know that it happens never on exact 40 minutes in the presentation.

interviewer: therefore you add a valued number of minutes?

Scott : Exactly! For the iPhone we made it 42 minutes after nine hours. It appeared that we were nice well on gone with that estimate, thus we made it for the iPad 41 minutes.

Pretty neat, huh?

But I’m not sure what the whole Russian/Communist imagery is all about. Maybe it’s a veiled reference to the difficulty in jailbreaking your iPhone–that it truly is meant to be a totalitarian state.

iPhone users of the world, unite!

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