Jun 30

People often think that a week in Cupertino is perpetually Casual Friday, what with everyone walking over to BJs Brewery (aka Infinite Loop 7) or waiting for the corporate shuttle in a tshirt, shorts, and sandals.

In the 80’s you’d dress for success by imitating the CEO, and here that means a black turtleneck, beat-up Levis jeans, and New Balance sneakers?

Source: Wikipedia Commons/Flickr user mylerdude

But there is a cadre of folks who, despite their pledge to “Think Different” and be as un-PC as possible, have to blend in with the corporate set:  suits, wingtips, and all.

For these brave souls, there is the Apple logo dress shirt:

Yes, if you’re going to pitch Apple gear to some big investment bank or stodgy insurance company, you’d better look the part.

Back in the day, a collared polo shirt would be as formal as it would get:

Doesn’t that gold Apple Garamond script invoke a sense of solid corporate style with its classic serify-goodness? And that tri-color paneled design–looks so much like Silicon Graphics!

The Apple Retail division keeps Business casual with its Business partner attire of a hipster American Apparel polo:

But for guys who are selling XServe or iPad2 for Enterprise markets, you’ve gotta have something that looks good with a suit jacket on:

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